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2023 - 12 - New opportunities

Dear friend of KISSed Quilts, 

November 12 is the anniversary of my original Gammill Optimum+ long-arm delivery back in 2009. Each year I create a digital photo album of customer quilts. They can be viewed on Facebook or on my Blog here.




My blogpost about the 14th year has also been posted.

We had a fun Feathered Star class with several students. I've only received one photo of the finished block and then another paper pieced block that the student then felt confident to do:

Feathered Star 

moda grunge fabrics used in the background and the colors are Snippets --a pearlescence ombre collection. I recently got in Color Sets 1 and 2 together in a Jelly Roll but also have yardage of some colors.

I look forward to seeing the other student's finished results.  See below for new 2nd chance date.

A few years back the Quilter's Trek design I did was called Treasure Map. A customer wanted to make it repeatedly into a larger quilt. I worked with her on fabric yardage and she recently sent me a photo of the finished quilt. This is exactly what I had hoped customers would want to do with this design --outside the Row by Row use. She added her own special treasures along the map. Thank you for sharing N. Putnam!  I still have a few kits with 'hidden treasures' in them too!


I've partnered with two pattern designers to offer kits of their new designs. I'm providing links to the patterns here which are on the designer's websites and links to the kit options I've put together.

******Sarah's Softies - Element Quilt Along starts in January******

Click on images for kit link -- lots of options. I'd also be happy to curate a kit for your own color scheme.



******Penny Spool Quilts has designed this Holiday word quilt******

Click on images for kit link -- shown here in Northcott Toscana and in moda Grunge. There are lots of options and I'd also be happy to curate your own unique color scheme. Maybe just in Christmas Colors or complete Christmas collection each letter in a word a different fabric or whatever your favorite combo might be.

LOOKING AHEAD to Sew Expo Feb 29-March 3 in Puyallup, WA -- 
(Classes are Feb 28-March 3) - Registration starts January 16, 2024

I'm scheduled to teach several classes this year, so wanted to give you a sneak peek at them.

Wednesday 1pm - Dangling Diamonds Runner     -using the Boondoggle Ruler - this pattern is a take-off from my Dangling Diamonds quilt.

Thursday 8:30am - AnglePlay Basics   - learn basic piecing techniques for the half rectangle triangle with this template system

Thursday 11am - Intro to Paper Piecing - Principle of Refraction aka the album cover of Dark Side of the Moon -- this is an 18" square block. Make into a pillow cover or incorporate into a larger project.

Thursday 3:30pm - Quilt Making Technique Trunk Show 

Friday 11am - Advanced AnglePlay   - learn the pieced half rectangle triangle.

Friday 3:30pm - Fundamentals of AnglePlay Trunk Show and Demo 

Sunday 12:30p - Beginning Quilt Making  Learn the basics of piecing and quilt construction.


If any of these are of interest to locals or regional customers that aren't going to Puyallup, I'd be happy to do these prior or after the Expo in Grand Coulee.


Due to scheduling conflicts with a few who were interested we are going to offer this again in the new year. Tenatively scheduled for Monday January 15. Those who wanted a second chance, please let me know if this works for you.

Feathered Star  - SECOND CHANCE DATE!

It can be for a 12" block or as a medallion for the center of a quilt at whatever size you'd like or just one large block as the whole quilt.

Class is scheduled for Monday
January 15, 2023   $40
NOTE THIS IS MLK DAY ---so if you've got the day off maybe this would work for you! 

Structured instruction in the morning. Stay as long as you'd like. Signups required by January 5, with payment and size of block you wish to make. Fee includes class instruction and foundation papers or cutting instructions based on desired size for one block.

Want a formal class ?  -- let me know what you'd like to learn and we'll organize it!

December - Sew-ins and Closures

Closed Saturdays and December 25-January 4.  -- all orders placed after Dec 22 may not ship until January 5.

SEW-INs: December 6 (late start), 11 and 18 --please RSVP.

Will also be doing some embroidery likely on the 11th and 17th (beware of machine noise levels). If you're interested in an Embroidery Club - with monthly designs--please let me know.

 Some of you have followed my journey--specifically related to Hashimotos (my 4th diagnosed autoimmune condition). My second functional medicine MD retired and referred me to ARNP who is studying the field. Since most of the list of things to consider had been addressed, he suggested I speak with his nutritionist to further work on my weight goals. A bit had creeped on since *ovid and I figured maybe something else could be done. The nutritionist recommended this program. It took me a while to get on board, but a few months ago I did my first round of the Fasting Mimicking Diet --a 5 day program that provides you the carefully researched nutrition requirements to get you through a fast, allowing you to eat and put your body into autophagy. Basically this means it helps your bad cells die and your good cells regenerate. This seemed like a reasonable approach from many perspectives. This was all researched with the idea of understanding the blue zones and Dr. Longo's heritage (Italian) and trying to find a way to live longer like the people from his village. He has gone on to do lots of studies in how it can help fight disease and optimize weight. After reading the book at the end of the first 5-day cycle, I appreciated better the science behind it and applied to become an affiliate of the program. I was accepted and have since now done an additional two rounds (today is Day 4 of round 3). I definitely have less inflammation, a friend wrote and said my skin was looking brighter and I've lost weight. The idea is to do it for 5 consecutive days twice a year for longevity purposes but once a month for fighting disease or until optimal weight goals are met. Between cycles you return to normal "healthy" eating. The book also provides two weeks of sample menus for 'normal' eating. For me I still need to tailor the menus given I don't eat gluten and are careful about some other categories (at least for now). The program has other products as well which I haven't tried yet, including a breakfast shake or bar that extends your overnight fast --great for intermittent fasting. Also a 1-day reset kit good for mid-month if doing regular cycles or for anyone after a big weekend. You can check out all their products here.

I've got a special affiliate link and code (ODDIE10) good until the end of the year (12/31/23) that works for 25% off a 'subscription' (you can cancel at any time) of the 5-day program. This gets one 5-day set of food down to $127.50. That's all your food for 5 days and the Longevity book (free). You can add a water bottle for an additional is the perfect size for the L-Drink (part of days 2-5) but you're welcome to use your own--you need to dilute it into 28 oz.

There are organized coaching sessions that you can join to follow along and ask questions each morning. Once you've ordered you will see dates for the next 5-day sessions that you are welcome to join at no additional cost.

Feel free to write or call about any questions you might have. I'm sharing in hopes of it helping someone else. Note: A 5-day fast is not recommended for persons over 70. I feel it really working for me and am thankful that this research has been done and is being shared with others. I plan to do it about monthly until I get to my optimal weight --now I'm accountable to all of you--its the first time, maybe ever, that I feel it is achievable. If you're on Instagram marlene.kissedquilts, checkout my PROLON Story Highlights. It gives you a bit of my backstory and takes you through the 5 day fast.

Your online orders are much appreciated!  Please don't miss new products, ideas and re-stocks shared below.


New Products

I've added a new 'Manufacturer' within the Fabric By Manufacturer category  -- Riley Blake Please check out everything we've got there as I've opened a wholesale account with them and brought in 10 new 10" stack designs. These have some young and sophisticated styles so something for most!  Themes include: Barbie, Hershey's (kisses and s'mores), Liberty Fabrics of London, Crayola, Thomas the Train, Breast Cancer Support and Mint For You (stamps, hearts, mint green and pink). Fabrics I've had in stock are listed there too, but now under this new category for an easy to find link.


Benartex Florals  just $9.99 a yard!

Here they are paired with other fabrics for BQ style quilts along with the Bloom Northcott (middle). Just let me know which size of quilt you want to make out of which pattern and I'd be happy to curate just the perfect combination for you.



Add-a-Quarter Plus 6" in Yellow or Pink are restocked --in anticipation of paper piecing class/projects.


Fray Check is restocked and now available via the website for purchase too.


Hope to see you soon! Thanks for reading. 

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