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2019 - 12 - Grateful Time of the Year


News & Updates
Disney Magic Kingdom PlutoEnjoyed a special Thanksgiving with some of my Oddie side of the family in Florida, which included a day at the Magic Kingdom with my niece and nephew and their parents. Such a magical time!

Last minute rush of gift making?

Need a special gift for your quilting friends?
Please consider the many gifts available here at the shop! Zipper Pull tabs, IronEZ caddy for your water or starch bottle at the ironing station; silicon iron mat; wooly pressing mat to list a few new items. Several of these have been posted at - you do not have to have a facebook account to review this page. But if you'd like to keep up, that has the most up to date information of new items coming into the shop. I also post to Instagram @marlene.kissedquilts so follow-along there if you're an IG person too.

There are also great new fabric strip sets in from Island Batik, panels for something quick or consider 7 repeats for a One Block Wonder--just ask me to see what it might look like--leave one panel in tact and use the other 6 to make exact repeated cuts into six triangles which then form a hexagon. The results are stunning! 

I enjoy putting kits together if you'd like to create a special gift for a loved one.

I have a few quilts to finish up for clients before the holidays set in. Are you rushing to finish something too?

Please consider techniques or designs you'd like to learn next year and let's find a good date on the calendar to get it scheduled.

With the shorter daylight this month, I'll likely be leaving by 4pm, but if you need me to stay later, please just let me know ahead of time and I'm happy to accomodate your schedule.
The shop will be closed Dec. 22-30 for the Christmas holidays.
Crawl under a quilt and stay warm,

Open Sew Activities
Location: 412 Federal Ave, Grand Coulee. Enter from the east end of the building, we're in room 207. 
OPEN SEW - ALL DAY - 2nd Monday of the month - 
Next occurrence is: December 9 - 9am - 4pm
We hope you'll put these events into your calendar and be a part of the sewing and quilting community of the Coulee area. --aka  'Coulee Creators'. 

Are you interested in classes?

If there are projects you'd appreciate instruction to get you through, don't hesitate to make a suggestion and we'll work to get it scheduled.

Private classes $45 for 3 hours.
Sliding scale if you can get some friends to join you.
Marlene Oddie | KISSed Quilts | 509.386.5715 | |
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