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2019 - 11 - Who is your Hero?


News & Updates
I'm back!! from many travels and good memories made with my family and new friends. Got to see cork tree groves in Portugal--cork is harvested every 9 years by stripping a layer of bark from the tree. Also saw many tile designs throughout Spain and Portugal which just might inspire some future projects.

This new panel and some coordinating prints have arrived and I'm working on a new quilt design for it. But if you can't wait ...use this re-set from my Lights! Camera! Qu-action! design using this panel and appropriate colors. Three colorations are shown below. What appeals to you?

Peanuts Snoopy Journey to Deep Space 

In time for our Veteran celebrations this month, consider this new digital panel from Northcott. It is just beautiful! I've revamped my QOV 2-quilt design with this size panel and have kits available.

Stop by the shop and see the new Jody Houghton Design Zipper Pulls --super cute!

Row by Row has ended. Thank you to those who participated. I've had requests to re-kit my 2015 Grand Coulee Dam Laser Light Show and so you'll find on my website likely the last batch of these that are using the black with strong pearl essence dots fabric. This works great for Seattle Seahawk fans too! I'm happy to ship any of my previous kits and remaining license plates. Pre-orders were shipped today. Stay tuned for information about next year's new Quilter's Trek.
The shop will be closed Nov. 22- 29 for Thanksgiving holidays.
Crawl under a quilt and stay warm,

Open Sew Activities
Location: 412 Federal Ave, Grand Coulee. Enter from the east end of the building, we're in room 207. 
OPEN SEW - ALL DAY - 2nd Monday of the month - 

Next occurrence is: November 11 - Veteran's Day - free block pattern available -- bring your red/white/blue--and sometimes yellow or gold makes a nice accent--scraps and make up some blocks to go into a Quilt of Valor. You can make the whole quilt yourself or donate your blocks made to be finished by another member of the Quilts of Valor Stars Facebook Working Group.

We hope you'll put these events into your calendar and be a part of the sewing and quilting community of the Coulee area. --aka  'Coulee Creators'. 

Are you interested in classes?

If there are projects you'd appreciate instruction to get you through, don't hesitate to make a suggestion and we'll work to get it scheduled.

Private classes $45 for 3 hours.
Sliding scale if you can get some friends to join you.
Marlene Oddie | KISSed Quilts | 509.386.5715 | |
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