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Retreat - October 16-20, 2023

Arrive after 4pm Monday; depart by 10am Friday.

Location: Camp MiVoden, Hayden, Idaho

Accommodations (Pricing estimated for 2 meals included --to be finalized in early 2023):

a. Dormitory Style (2 to a room if you choose) - provide your own linens : $260
   Add linens provided for $16

b. Private Room w/Queen Size Bed and Linens provided : Additional $50  

c. Day Rate - includes breakfast at 8:30am and Dinner at 5pm :   $120 for the week.
    No accommodations

d. Bring your own accommodations (i.e. some form of RV), full hookups; provide your own meals: price TBD - inquire with your parameters if you're interested 

Kitchenette available for lunch and snack time. We mostly just snack and share.

Breakfast and Dinner provided by the camp.

Hot Beverage Bar.

Gluten Free options will be available. Indicate food sensitivities/allergies with registration.

Given the amount of noise the machines make, conversations are requested to be kept on a one-on-one level. There is an adjacent room with couches, etc. for an additional place to relax.

Project Options:

Sewing and Quilting (please refrain from bringing machine embroidery due to noise level)
Do your own! Bring whatever you'd like to work on. One table per person.
If instruction is desired, please contact Marlene with your interests.
This was taken at night in the Cottonwood Room, but during the day the windows provide incredible natural light.
Maple Auditorium

Views from/around the cafeteria



Bring your own machine and project supplies. You may order any goods off this website or call ahead for items that may not be online, and have them delivered at the retreat.

Please email me ( that you're sending a check and mail it to:

KISSed Quilts
PO Box 717
Grand Coulee, WA 99133


To schedule a class on Electric Quilt Software or for any of my original pattern designs, contact Marlene at (509) 386-5715 or

Local class schedule is available upon request, stop by the shop, or check the on-line calendar here.


KISSed Quilts currently on display

in the shop...

Love is in the Air - an Island Batik Ambassador 2017 Challenge result

Winter Midnight Sky - an Island Batik Ambassador 2017 Challenge result

The First Christmas - an INMQ Challenge

Ribbons Gone Wild - an INMQ 2016 Table Runner Challenge Result

Poppy Placemats - fabric available in the shop

Legend of Lake Roosevelt 

INMQ 2013 Challenge - 'Dreamland', WSQ-Spokane 2013 Quilt Show (two ribbons); Ferry County 2014 - WSQ 1st Place Ribbon; Juried into Road to California 2015.

'Mi Amore' - McCalls Quilt Design Star Challenge 3/Final Entry; published in McCall's Quilting Magazine May/June 2012. Available as a pattern at

Sunshine Makes the Roses Grow - Piece 'n Pals 2014 Challenge

Red Starry Night - Piece 'n Pals 2014 Challenge (Judge's choice winner)

'Flora Bunda', an Irena Bluhm class piece

INMQ 2014 Challenge - Scottish Plaid, WSQ-Spokane 2014 Quilt Show

Elephant's Play - At the Water's Edge version in batiks - available for purchase $125

Newsworthy -- Asterisk Outtake blocks from my co-authored book, You Can Quilt!

Geese on the Run - 5 variations - pattern available

Fish in Grand Coulee -- a Turning Twenty Around the Block design using several fish prints that represent Bass, Trout and Walleye --catchable in our year around fishing opportunites in Lake Roosevelt, Banks Lake and Rufus Woods.

Voltage, Grand Coulee, WA

Dangling Diamonds - Juried into AQS Phoenix 2016, Trends People's Choice Fall 2016, Lincoln Co Fair 2017 INMQ 1st Place, 2018 AQS Quilt Art Engagement Calendar 

Glowing Embers - an abstract interpretation of the fires near our home - Island Batik fabrics

Highland Quilts, Athena, OR

'Elephant's Play' – Jungle version

Available for Display

Cliff Dwellings (Charmed Network v2) - Island Batik Mesa Verde Collection

Spring (City Windows v2) - Island Batik Smooch Collection

Flyover  - a patriotic bonus design the Dangling Diamonds pattern  

Rose of Hope' - the bird block from the EQ6 Rose of Sharon Block Challenge, selected to be in the Nine Patch Media DVD.   EWU Downtown Student Gallery - July 5- Aug 22, 2016: Threaded Tales: The Art of Quilting

Medieval Times - A Wendy Sheppard "Crossings" quilt design, using Twilight Blush Island Batik Fabrics 

Spirit Rhythm collection  - Spirit Butterfly and Cusco Alley

Soul Song collection - Sea Dance

Alpine Ice collection - Alpine Nights

City Shadows - an Island Batik Ambassador 2017 Challenge Result, featuring City Culture 2 fabrics

'Summer School' - an adaptation of 'Zoe"; WWValley Quilt Festival 2012 

'Supernova-Blackhole' - a design by Freshly Pieced - fabrics by Basic Grey for Moda

Zig Zags on the Lake - Island Batik Fabrics and free download from their website 

View from the Ahwahnee - a dogwood design

My Part -- a tulip field using 10 colors, design challenge for 10th year of Walla Walla Valley Quilt Fesitival

Beginner Basics - Blocks from Chapters 1-3 of You Can Quilt! 

Pumpkin Patch collection - Fall FestivalSea Bubbles

'Rondure' - Seaglass version

White Out - Island Batik Fabrics

Love Thistle

Inca Inspired Placemats

'1892 Rondure' --McCalls Quilt Design Star Challenge 1 Entry; accepted @ MQX West 2011; HMQS 2012; Trends Fall 2012 - Judge's Choice Best Technical. A modified version "Rondure" is now available as a pattern.

'Starlight-Flutterbright'; Special member 'Star' exhibit at the Pacific West Quilt Show, 2011; Viewer's Choice, Lincoln Co. Fair 2015. Watch for revised updated edition of this Fall 2016! (Winterbright)

Winter Blues - inspired by "I" Beams - a Wendy Sheppard design - Island Batik fabrics 

Orange Blossom

Winter Bright - featured in Keepsake Quilting catalog, Island Batik Fabrics

"Woven Braid" -- my first quilt design with Island Batik fabrics -- 5 sizes, 4 layouts --available as a pattern and any size kit.

'Rosie's BOMb', We Can Do It! Building Skills for Beginners. a Skill Builder Sampler - now available, published by AQS.
Rosie the Riveter poster digitally printed is also available.
Tri-Cities 2013 - Outstanding in the Field; Krazy Horse Quilter - Machine Quilting Award; Juried into Pacific West Quilt Show 2013; AQS Des Moines 2013 - 2nd place; MQX East 2014; Froenen Steppdecker 2014, Odessa Quilt Club Ribbon; EE Schenck Trends Spring 2015 - Judges Choice.
EWU Downtown Student Gallery - July 5- Aug 22, 2016: Threaded Tales: The Art of Quilting 

Flightline -- Chapter 8 blocks from my co-authored book, You Can Quilt!

Zig Zag Love - Made as a class sample for a charity group Feb. 2014; WSQ - Spokane 2014 Quilt Show; Ferry County 2014 - WSQ 2nd Place Ribbon; EESchenck Trends Spring 2015. Watch for a pattern in Quilt Quilts Oct/Nov 2016 edition (on newsstands mid-August).

Harvest Time - Walla Walla Valley Quilt Show 2014

Our Honeymoon Quilt - WSQ Spokane 2014

Tesseract - Walla Walla Valley Quilt Show 2014

'Charmed Network' - Terrain version --available as a pattern.

'Spinner'; Finalist in the Pacific West Quilt Show, Aug. 24-26, 2012; WWValley Quilt Festival, Sept 14-16, 2012; Washington State Quilter's - Spokane, Oct 2012 --2nd place ribbon for Machine Quilted, Pieced, Solo. Click through to the tutorial of how to draw it.

'My Olympic Connection'; WWValley Quilt Festival, Sept. 14-16, 2012, juried into MQX-West, Oct. 2012, Portland, OR

'INMQ 2011 Challenge' --The First Christmas, WSQ-Spokane 2011 Quilt Show

'Pulsed Illumination' - McCalls Quilt Design Star Challenge 2 Entry; accepted @ MQX West 2011

'Bordered Beyond the Block' accepted @ AQS Knoxville, TN 2011, Contact Marlene for uniquely designed border specifications if interested

'Psychedelic America'; Krazy Horse 2011; HMQS 2012 -- For Sale $1299

Hoping to Soar - Ribbon Box Quilt design using Island Batik Fabrics and quilted with a pantograph design

Custom Ribbon Box - Ribbon Box design using ISland Batik Fabrics and custom quilted

'Adapted Argyle', Krazy Horse 2010

'Christmas Friends' - a block lotto win further evolved into this finished quilt

'Will you Accept This Rose?' - traveled with the Maywood Trunk Show 2011

'KQ via QR' - originally created for the purpose of the What's App-ening exhibit at IQFOI 2013 --it really works!

Christmas Haystack -- an Island Batik Ambassador challenge for a Country Christmas in July.


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